Notes from Helsinki

It’s June, meaning that the summer holidays for both students and teachers have already started, right? We can all enjoy the beach and not having to set alarm… I wish. In Latvia, a lot of people have this assumption that, as soon as May begins, the teachers start the holidays and are neither teaching, nor […]

The road so far

It’s been a couple of, khem, years since I last updated this blog and that has been for a bunch of reasons. Shortly before the Easter break of 2014 (which I got to spend exploring more of London and cities in its close vicinity, such as Cambridge, Canterbury, Oxford and Stratford), I said goodbye to […]

Éire, fruitflies & Straßburg

I think the title says it all. That’s were I was and that’s what I’m still morally recuperating from. The best part of my assistantship is working with some of the international/external links that my school has and it has a lot. There are two Comenius projects with numerous European schools, there’s a link with […]

It’s half-term already (again)

Thanks to the half-term break in English schools, I got to enjoy a brief holiday before the actual Easter/Spring holidays in April. The weather has been pretty bad since mid-December with regular storms, high tides, broken trees, flooding, daily downpours and even a collapse of a coastal railway line, meaning that Plymouth is cut off […]


I’m finally back at home #3. This first week was tough – all the coffee mugs, deadlines, walking, flying, driving and standing in lines really wore me out, resulting in a number of naps in all possible times of day. However, the drowsiness has passed and I am once again able to enjoy the hours […]

10 days to go

Yes, it’s just 10 days left till my flight home. Ok, to be precise, 9 days and a bunch of hours, as I’ll have landed by now. How do I feel about this? Nervous and excited! I will get to meet my friends, relatives and family, get to have someone else cook for me more […]

It’s been a while

I have been meaning to write a lot sooner, but, because of circumstances described as “bad luck” by our landlord, I have been offline for the best part of the two weeks since I’m back from Edinburgh. The trip itself, albeit very long and consisting of many transport changes and hours of waiting, was ok […]